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Let's Jam! [Aug. 5th, 2009|11:45 am]
Cowboy Bebop rating


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The Basics
Name: Cheron
Age: 21
Birthday: October 7, 1987
Sexual Orientation: bisexual; prefer feminine
Astrological Sign: Libra
Explain When needed
Likes: pleasure, sex, travel, adventures, plants, fresh air, huge cities, psychology, being beautiful, mind chemicals, trying new things
Dislikes: extreme cold/heat, suburbia, foul odors, narrow-mindedness, not being able to shower, idiots
Strong Points: cooking, mind-play
Weak Points: mathematical stuff
Pet Peeves: idiots, poor hygiene
Hobbies: leisure--pretty much the stuff listed in “likes”.
Dreams: happiness and a life that never stays routine for long...and to be able to trust the one I love and not worry about abandonment
Describe yourself in 3 words: adventurous, hedonist, emotional
Color: pink and blue-green
Animal: cats, foxes, cephalopods
Season: late summer/fall
Movie: dunno, I have many. I like surreal/horror/thrillers most.
Music Genre: currently psychedelic rock
Sports: I’m not a very sporty person, but I suppose I’d go with thrill sports such as hang-gliding and white water rafting
What motivates you in life: hormones? well I haven’t seen and experienced enough yet. Thats what keeps me going, I guess~
Have a motto: changes, but at the moment, it’s something along the lines that everyone has it bad at one point.
Have any other favorites: I like cute stuff, and stuff from old such as pickled babies and abandoned buildings...*shrug*
Wish to add something: Not much to say...though perhaps it's worth mentioning that Cowboy Bebop is one of the few animes that I greatly enjoyed.
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I have no idea why my images aren't showing up, but please just click the link.


[User Picture]From: angelon_slaire
2009-08-05 10:26 pm (UTC)
Julia for sure. Please don't be offended, I know lots of people hate Julia but I love her. I think she's elegant and feminine and lovely, just like you :)
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[User Picture]From: sputnik_terror
2009-08-06 03:38 am (UTC)
I'm not offended :P Thanks for voting.
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